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FOUR TEACHINGS That Have Shaped World History

Why are there so many religions in the world? Why are there so many church denominations? Did God foresee that this would happen?

Was this included in the deliberate plan of God? The answer is a resounding yes; this is actually part of the prophecy as indicated in the book of Revelation. This is definitely included in God’s deliberate plan and foreknowledge because our God is in full control.

The book of Revelation can only be understood if we will realize that all mentioned imagery or symbolism are all referring to the four teachings.

What’s It About…

One of the utmost misconceptions in the Church today is the way God’s people think about the last book of the Bible. The book of Revelation has long been regarded as the most divisive part of the New Testament (or of the Bible as a whole). It is considered a controversial text containing apocalyptic imagery and mysterious symbolism that many say predict the end of the world (doomsday). For this reason, many do not even take time to read this important part of the Scripture (the end part). Yes, the end part is the most significant part. It is placed intentionally and strategically at the ending. In fact, the first generation of believers had waited for this final epistle in full anticipation. It is supposed to contain the final instruction of the Lord Jesus before His Second Coming. Unknown to many, the book of Revelation is actually the summary of all the books of the Bible.

Yes, the last book is the conclusion and summary of the whole Bible. This is the reason why the first disciples waited expectantly for this book. To emphasise and to make a strong statement, we would have difficulty understanding the complete message of the Bible unless we read and study the book of Revelation. This is the testimony of the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will help us understand this testimony.